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Abundance Baby Collage
Artist Statement

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Abundance Baby Collage upcycles found materials into botanical constellations, surreal compositions, and multicolored affirmations. Being eco-conscious is key!

About Abundance Baby Collage

Abundance Baby Collage was born in 2019. Abundance Baby created postcards to be physical tokens of appreciation sent to long distance friends and next door neighbors alike. In 2020, collage became a main channel for their activism, printing postcards, political posters, and stickers with a message. Abundance Baby collaborated with Merp, Inc. to produce their first collection of sustainable stickers that promote equity in the cannabis industry and justice for survivors of policies that uphold the War on Drugs. 

Abundance Baby upcycles found materials cemented with drug store adhesive. They weave together botanical landscapes, crazy mindscapes, and poignant words. Each piece takes many days of dedication. Ordering and gluing handcut elements stimulates a nervous system buzz and induces a meditative flow state, substantiating creative expression of pure emotion and intuition. Recurring motifs in Abundance Baby Collage are nature, affirmations, and rainbow gradients. Abundance Baby grabs the full page with clashing patterns and grounding repetition. New focuses are reflecting movement and capturing motion.

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